Digital Tool: Padlet


Padlet Free/Plans. An internet based website (digital tool) that acts as a virtual bulletin board, blog and portfolio allowing numerous people to post notes, photos and videos from anywhere, anytime! Collaborate, invite, share! 

Website Features

  • Photo & Video Sharing (possibilities are endless here. Incorporate student involvement with research and exploration.)
  • Bulletin Board (repeat! Virtually pin “post-its” to the board)
  • Communicate (from anywhere, anytime, with anyone; seriously, even in other countries!)
  • Group Work (amazing for collaboration and co-creation)
  • Sharing (with anyone, to numerous social media outlets, save as pdf for printouts, embedding possibilities e.g see below)

Overall, Padlet is a super easy to use website that allows people of ALL ages to utilize within any setting, especially the classroom. Basic features are free and you can also upgrade to a plan (schools can take advantage of the school plan which allows usage for the entire school for one price). If you already have a google account you are set! If not, no worries, set-up is easy. Padlet is a great digital tool to utilize within the classroom for collaboration and co-creation

My Padlet example – click on the photo to maneuver around and watch videos

Made with Padlet


Usage within the classroom setting – Possibilities are endless

First grade teacher utilizing Padlet to distribute learning materials and Text Here for students to submit their work. Students are using a 4th generation iPod touch. Kari works for East Noble School Corpoartion. Published May 2, 2014

Lesson Plan utilizing Padlet

Using Padlet to collect resources  –> Lesson Plan <–

5 uses for Padlet within the classroom

  • Book Review Post a book title, allow the kids to post their review of the book or allow them to post/share different book. To advance this assignment you can have the students discus characters, settings, climax, quotes, and ask questions.
  • Topic Summary From timelines to sharing photos, videos or information on the topic. Share information on American history through a timeline the students create.
  • Question Board Place for students to spatter off questions and have the students respond to one another. Check for understanding; teacher can ask a question and have the students answer.
  • Discussion Forum Students can communicate with one another on a topic; group work.
  • Research group projects or class sharing information on a topic pre-lesson or even after a lesson. –> Lesson Plan <–

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