Anne Mirtschin: The World is my Classroom


Global Learning 

Global Learning (or The global dimension, or Global Citizenship) is concerned with exploring the interconnections between people and places around the world. It asks us to observe the similarities and differences that exist around our world today and relate these to our own lives. –

Learn how a virtual, global, and culturally-blended classroom is not just a dream, it’s a reality. -Anne Mirtschin

  • blended classrooms are global in nature
  • learning is occurring 24/7
  • students and educators of all ages and learning abilities are learning together
  • learning goes well beyond the square walls of the classroom
  • global projects encouraged
  • learning is “messy” but the outcome is worth it
  • develop socially, emotionally, empathically and cognitively; for both man kind and the world
  • appreciation for those around them as well as the world in which we live


Global learning encourages and exposes students to explore and make sense of bigger issues in the world, teaches critical thinking and creativity through topical and controversial issues, facilitates the development of social, emotional, cognitive growth as well as self-awareness and facilitates a positive attitude to differences, facilitates reflections on personal actions; past, present and future, encourages participation is society as active and responsible global citizens and so much more!

Educators can find connections and ideas from numerous resources. Branch out of your classroom and expand the learning environment; students and educators. Below is just a few of the resources where you can develop connections.

Twitter        Skype        WordPress Blogs         LinkedIn        Classroom2.0         Conferences       Wikispaces         Google Docs          Blackboard Collaborate          Facebook       Epals       The Global Classroom Project          Flat Classroom Projects

Leading teacher in Global Learning

Anne Mirtschin: The World is My Classroom

l8id6aebbrn7815izrq6_400x400 Anne Mirtschin is an award winning teacher who uses online tools to create powerful learning opportunities for students. She teaches Information and Communications Technology(ICT), Business Management and at Hawkesdale P12 College. She is passionate about rural and global education, immersing technology into the classroom and loves collaborating and learning online. Technology together with an amazing network has enabled her to make the world her classroom. Anne is the co-Australasian Chair for Global Education Conference, a Skype Master Teacher and Microsoft Innovative Educator, a Flat Connections Lead teacher Communications Chair, ISTE Global PLN and moderator of Tech Talk Tuesdays  ISTE 2016

Twitter: @murcha           Blog: On an e-Journey with Generation Y

The below video from classrooms in a small rural P12 school in Hawkesdale, Victoria, Australia; a town of only 120 people which is isolated both culturally and geographically incorporate technology to engage students allowing them to connect, communicate and collaborate with students and classrooms from around the world.  I truly encourage you to follow Anne and read her blog (above) to get a more in-depth look at how to incorporate and utilize technology within your classroom to expand learning outside the walls of your classroom.


A 21st-century curriculum needs to prepare learners to live and work in this fast-moving, interdependent, global society. It should enable all young people to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens, and should contribute to the achievement of the five outcomes for children identified in Every Child Matters. Each school should have a unique curriculum that meets the needs,interests and aspirations of its particular learners.



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