Now that I have been fully submerged into the Twitter world, let’s reflect over my Twitter journey thus far! Ready…?! #TwitterChat

it-underworld-126I must first confess that I was apprehensive about signing up for a Twitter account. I had preconceived notions on Twitter e.g. drama and I was not sure what I was getting into. However, I took the plunge. 

Twitter was a bit overwhelming. I did not know where to turn because everywhere I turned there were “buttons.” Like a lot! I had to learn real quick (with a little help from google) what they all meant. Confession: I am pretty sure my first few encounters on twitter were mess-ups on my part. I believe I may have “retweeted” things I did not mean to “retweet” or replied to things I did not mean to reply too. Oh the embarrassment! I have since navigated my way through all the buttons and have moved onto bigger and better embarrassments discoveries. hand-drawn-twitter-logo-icons-and-buttons_23-2147536533

I have discovered another side of Twitter that I have never been attribute to; Professional Networking and Professional Development. This world has completely rocked my learning experience as an aspiring Special Education teacher. I have made connections with numerous people from around the globe in education as well as people within my community. Sharing and expanding knowledge has been beyond influential and inspirational. There is vast pool of knowledge that is waiting to be shared and explored. 

My first TwitterChat experience was a bit rough. I felt completely lost, and completely behind on the conversations. However, I left the conversation with a new outlook on homework; purpose and retainability for students. I shared conversations with principles, teachers, and fellow aspiring educators. We discussed the effectiveness of homework, its 14454029241_a19ab612ca_zimportance or lack there of as well as its hurtfulness for a lack of better words. The conversations (having gone back over them a few times upon completion of the chat) was very enlightening and has changed the way in which I view homework and how I hope to implement it within my classroom one day. Having conversations with principles about what they expect homework to “look” like or how they see it should be implemented was eyeopening and head turning. From this 1 TwitterChat my view on the way I think about learning has already begun to morph. Having the perspective of principals, teachers and aspiring educators in my “pocket” I hope I can apply this perspective or perspectives to my own classroom one day and how I implement learning. 



When you have so much to say, yet only 140 characters to say it in

I often find myself deciding between the content of my “tweet” that cannot fit into the 140 character allotment and the correctness of my grammar (see what I did there?). Grammar always seems to lose out. #GrammarCrime #NotEnoughCharacters #StopTyping

No, you cannot edit that

I cannot count how many “tweets” I have posted and than had to delete it because I forgot something to say or include a hashtag. #Hassle #EditButtonPlease #ForgotMyHashtag

There is a hashtag for that

Lucky! This one fits into both #WhatHurtsTheMost and #BecauseIAmHappy. Why? You have to, per the 140 character allotment, decide on a hashtag that best suits or describes your “tweet.” To be continued … #Uhhhh #Hashtagless #TooMany #ThereIsABetterHashtagForThat


Twitter is the only place where you can get excited for a stranger following you

It has become a strange happiness. There is no greater {possibly a slight exaggeration} feeling then logging onto twitter and seeing a new “follower.” Especially one that is part of a Professional Learning Network that you are interested in. #OhYeah #TheyKnowMe #Cloud9 #CelebrateGoodTimesComeOn

Searchpreneur you will become

The most gratifying? Having, figuratively, the world at your finger tips to make connections and share knowledge. This has to be my favorite part of Twitter. I have stumbled upon numerous articles, people and tech that have expanded my outlook on so much in the world; outside of education as well. My knowledge, interest and inspiration for education has grown in such a short period of time. Especially Global Learning. #MindBlown #Knowledge=Power #WorldCatalog #IBelieveICanFly #QueenOfTheWorld

There is a hashtag for that

…Continued. Having endless possibilities of what you can type after a # is amazing. You can create your own hashtags, follow and find hashtags. #Whaaat #SkyIsTheLimit #WeCantStopWeWontStop #Hashtag #SeriouslyAnything #AreYouReadingMyHashtags

Twitter has really challenged my notions on, well, everything. Social media can be a large tool for Professional Learning Networks and Developments, when used properly. It has afford me the opportunity to become connected with educators from vast cultures, levels of educations and perspectives. I believe I will stick around on Twitter for awhile.

Embrace the hashtagimageI have @jheritag1



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