The Global Educator: My Learning Experience

Global Education


     Global education is a new and exciting territory for me. I began my journey blind, with no previous knowledge, and quickly fell for its luster:

when children are exposed to other “cultures and develop skills in a connected world, they are better prepared to be productive and compassionate citizen’s in an increasingly global economy, and they are able to improve their communication skills, collaborate effectively and be ready for multicultural workspaces,” (ISTE).

     Delving intensely into Julie Lindsay’s book, The Global Educator: Leveraging Technology for Collaborative Learning & Teaching, began my infatuation with this new found environment. A whirlwind of cultivating information began to flood my brain and challenge my teaching theories with influential, and intriguing key questions behind this environment:

  • How imperative is it that educators connect themselves and their classrooms to the world?
  • What emerging education leadership styles are shifting pedagogy and why should we be taking notice of this?
  • What are essential benefits of embedding online global collaboration into the curriculum?
  • What are simple steps that educators in the classroom can take to become more globally minded and start to change their practice?
  • How are emerging digital technologies supporting this move to online global learning and collaboration?

source ISTE

     Chapter by chapter I was lead deeper into resources, case studies, collaborations, and stories, fully engaging every word by lead teachers. From the basic definition of what it is to be a Global Educator, to becoming a Global Educator, to achieving Global Education, my mind was “blown.”

     How have I gone through all of my younger adulthood and career, and never have been introduced to Global Education? How has my teachings been so lackluster? So non-diverse culturally? How can I impose all these findings and improve my students learning both culturally and educationally?

     All of these questions, and some, began to poor into my mind throughout my readings of The Global Educator.


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