Virtual Reality in the Classroom



Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Virtual reality means creating immersive, computer-generated environments that are so convincing users will react the same way they would in real life. The idea is to block out the sensory input from the outside and use the visual and auditory cues to make the virtual world seem more real (LiveScience)

So why in the classroom? Watch the video below

Faster learning occurs due to sensory intergration; kinesthetic, visual, and auditory, is fully engaged. Students are able to fully see subject matter and experience it more fully and adequately.

Higher level of knowledge transfer occurs due to student involvement; learn-by-doing. Students are able to manipulate their learning enviroment which engages creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication.

Attention through greater levels of engagement students are able to actively engage/participate in their learning; environemt, hands on with subject matter, assessment etc. 

Source/Credit: EONREALITY


Virtual Reality can also faciliate the global learning process and collaboration through field trips, exploration, building subject matter (as seen in the above youtube video), journals, storytelling, data visualization, and the list goes on! Say good-bye to old fashion meetings and say hello to virtual meetings. Where everyone can virtually see, design, construct, manipulate and assess the subject matter! HELLO COLLABORATION in the 21st Century!

Short, Sweet, to the Point! Virtual Reality in the classroom kind of sells itself 🙂

One last thing, some lesson plans to skim through, gather ideas, and bam! you are on your way! Enjoy! My students will be 

Forensic Science

Social Studies

Intro to Virtual Reality

One more thing! Smithsonian has an amazing article on How Can Schools Use Virtual Reality? Worth while to read and bookmark; lots of great ideas (its Smithsonian, they always have great ideas!), lots of links, and very informative!


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