Professional Learning and Collaboration Case Studies


Professional Learning and Collaboration Case Studies

To briefly conclude my readings on Julie Lindsay’s book, The Global Educator; Leveraging Technology for Collaborative Learning & Teaching, I wanted to highlight or showcase some of the case studies that are at the tail end of the book. It is imperative to really read the case studies throughout Lindsay’s book as they give thoughtful and critical insight on global education as an entity. There are a ton of resources, ideas, and knowledge waiting to be read in the case studies; so please do not skip over them! I have gathered a vast amount of information and knowledge from the case studies alone. Before we delve into the case studies, a little P.S.A.

If you have not already done so, and I cannot urge you enough, grab yourself a copy of this book. I carry this book with me throughout my day (in the classroom). My book is filled with different post it notes and inserts highlighting different aspects that I found intriguing and super important. Which pretty much makes up the entire book. So run, and get yourself a copy!

The Global Education Conference

Created by Steve Hargadon and Lucy Gray (USA)

“It is designed to significantly increase opportunities for connecting classrooms while supporting cultural awareness and recognition of diversity and educational access for all.” 

A great resource for teachers, parents, and organizations of all kinds and levels. Essentially, the Conference is a “worldwide community initiative.”

The “Learning 2” Conference

Vision of Jeff Utecht

It “is an innovative, engaging and constantly evolving face-to-face conference with a focus on leveraging technology to support learning globally. It is considered to be one of the leading annual technology conferences in the Asia Region.”

THINK Global School: Learning to Be Global While Living Globally

“THINK Global School (TGS) moves around the world and implements place-based learning to its fullest extent. The school of about 12 teachers and 60 students from Grades 9-12 literally moves each semester, relocating in a new environment and re-developing curriculum objectives and learning outcomes based largely on that location.”

Technology based/focused

The K12 Online Conference

Run by Peggy George and Wesley Fryer

“Is a free, online, annual event and is run totally by volunteer educators…to share ideas and new modes of learning virtually.” 


VIF International Education and VIF Learning Center

Brings “international teachers into schools in the USA and also by creating global education programs … VIF supports global-ready teachers through many programs and provisions of facilities for further connections and learning.”

Global Education Advocate**

Global Education

Global Education — Image by ©


Engagement with the world will be a part of everyone’s life. The countries where global outlook is integrated into their education are now excelling, however those that are continuing to be introspective and narrow-minded are going to be left behind. Ultimately the widespread integration of the globe into classrooms through technology will play a key role in ensuring international understanding and world peace. There is no more important aspect than the value of knowing and engaging with the world to a student’s future life.” (Ed Gragert, USA, @egragert)

Our future is going to be affected by other people in the world and not only by the people who live in our community. Part of this global education should be tied to young people working together to create the preferable future.” (Yvonne Marie Andres, USA, @YvonneMarieA)

Global cannot just be for the elite few. If we use technology effectively we can train teachers to infuse global content into any subject at any level through digital resources, and we can recognize teachers through digital badging.” (David Young, CEO VIF International Education)

Saddened that I have come to the end of this book, however, I am looking forward to my next findings. Did you grab yourself a copy yet?!?

SOURCE/CITE: The Global Educator; Leveraging Technology for Collaborative Learning & Teaching by Julie Lindsay 


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